SKT T1 Reveals Major Roster Additions In Khan, Haru, And Teddy

One of the reasons that Faker remained on the SKT T1 roster and did not change teams after so many years was because the organization promised him great care and fantastic teammates. Today, SKT revealed almost their entire roster and we can safely say that with teammates like these it’s very understandable that Faker would stay with the team.

SKT announced three of their five starting players today, although we already know that Faker will be the starting player in mid lane. SKT’s new top laner is Kim “Khan” Dongha, their new jungler is Kang “Haru” Minseung, and their new ADC will be Park “Teddy” Jinsung. They’ve also said that they are still looking to acquire an extra mid laner, most likely as a substitute player, and an extra support. The team already has a support in Lee “Effort” Sangho as he remained with the team but it’s unsure whether he will be the starting player or whether they are still looking for a starting support.


Khan has been playing professionally since 2014 although it wasn’t until he became part of the Longzhu Gaming roster in 2017 that people really started to notice him. He also played an important role in the Kingzone Dragon X roster that was extremely dominant in the LCK throughout both splits but did not manage to make their way to Worlds due to poor playoff performances. He’s well-known for his Jayce and Fiora play and is a very aggressive top laner that is a joy to watch.


Haru’s story is a bit different. He went from being part of a relegated team in 2016 when on CJ Entus to winning Worlds in 2017 together with SSG. He was not the starting jungler throughout most of Worlds but was still an important asset of the team as he could come into the games with a fresh mindset if the team was performing poorly. Hopefully, Haru will be able to synergize well with Faker and set him up for his great return.

The last major addition to the team is Teddy. He’s not as well-known internationally as the previous two players as he was a major part of the Jin-Air Green Wings which unfortunately never makes it to the international stage anymore. Teddy is seen as a very consistent player and he also has the highest cs record that has ever been achieved in a professional match.

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