5 Mistakes To Avoid Playing Solo In PUBG

1. Firing Mode

In PUBG, players who know how to change firing mode of  their weapons will unlock great power. Most weapons have different firing modes, enable maximum damage output, but this only true in close range. When you try to fire a whole magazine in long range, it is very hard to hit every bullets because the gun recoil will reduce accuracy. So instead of firing a whole round of bullets, you need to change to Single firing mode, and try to hit one bullet at a time.


2. Fabulous Cosmetics


PUBG is a battlefield, not a fashion show. There are indeed many nice looking skins, they will make you stand out from the crowd, but also make you easily detected by the enemies. Your odd of winning the game will be lower compare with the skins that help you camouflage with the background. That is the reason why the Ghilie Suit is so valuable.

3. Create Unnecessary Sounds


When playing a survival shooting game like PUBG,  you need to be extremely silent. The sounds from gunfire or vehicles are the easiest ways to get detected by the enemies. It is strongly recommended that you restrict any random shots, this will greatly increase your chance of winning. You can sit, crawl, move in as silent as possible so that you can give the enemies the surprise attacks. Another trick is to throw a smoke bomb into one place and approach the enemies from a different angle. Don’t forget the silencer, it can come in handy for many situations.

4. Transportation Vehicles


Know when to get off transportation. These vehicles is a convenient tool for large maps. But you must be extremely cautious when using them, only when necessary. The sound from the engine can attract many enemies, and once you become their target first, you are really vulnerable.

5. Hungry for Air Drop


Most players from PUBG will immediately run toward the air drop position to get all the cool equipments inside. But you know what, 9 out of 10 times, they become easy target for enemy snipers. Veterans will lurk around and wait for their perfect chance to clean the battlefield.

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