First Major Fallout 76 Patch Is Huge, But Doesn’t Change All That Much

First Major Fallout 76 Patch Is Huge, But Doesn't Change All That Much

Bethesda has released the first post-launch update for post-apocalyptic survival nuking playground Fallout 76. Its size isn’t for the faint of heart clocking in at just over 47GB on console and 15GB on PC. In

patch notes published on Bethesda website, the developer promises the patch ‘brings additional performance and stability improvements and many bug fixes to the game’.

For a game ridden with bugs, glitches, and rampant gameplay clumsiness, Fallout 76 is in dire need of fixing. Today’s patch is therefore good news and should help turn the tide of Bethesda’s first foray into multiplayer gaming after a lackluster critical response and low sales.

First Major Fallout 76 Patch Is Huge, But Doesn't Change All That Much

In real terms the update fixes the buggy Bureau of Tourism quest line, adds graphic performance tweaks, and Ghouls and Scorched Officers now actually drop nuke code fragments when killed. Paints for Power Armor used during the B.E.T.A now carry over correctly to the full version of the game. Blueprints will no longer fragment when a player logs in and out of the game.

PvP gets some love with Pacifist Mode now inflicts the full damage when engaging another player when contesting a workshop. Respawning now also clears any and all active hostile statuses. Cap reward numbers have also been fixed to show up correctly.

Finally, the patch also introduces a few UI tweaks will full Korean font support in menus, a few hotkey rejigs, and social changes.

In our opinion the size is rather large for so few significant changes, though Bethesda have promised patch sizes will be drastically smaller in coming updates. We imagine a lot of under the hood changes account for the file size, with little to no perceivable changes for players.

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