9 Of The Best Fallout 76 Stream Highlights

10 Of The Best Fallout 76 Stream Highlights

Fallout 76 is finally upon us in all its glitchy glory, warts and all, and it’s sure been fun up until now. Though much needs to be fixed and the complaints are numbered in pages rather than bullet points, Fallout 76 has shown clear potential since releasing last week. Here are 9 of the best Fallout 76 stream highlights that will get you itching to dive right into Bethesda’s latest multiplayer survival game..

Take Me Home, Country Roads

The song ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ has become a symbol of Fallout 76 thanks to a nifty campaign by Bethesda’s marketing department in the lead up to release. What happens in this clip was bound to happen at some point or another. Russ_Money shouldn’t give up the day job though as his singing isn’t quite there yet. John Denver’s estate must be racking in the royalties.



As end content goes, a nuclear bomb detonating and bathing the game world in all encompassing radioactive aura is definitely up there. CohhCarnage’s reaction only adds to the magic of the moment.

Life & Death

Responding to a viewer’s comment about the lack of NPCs and the ‘lifeless’ feel of the game, Shroud engages in a diatribe praising the game and remarking that other players make the game feel alive. Perfect timing rears its head as if by appointment to deliver the lifeless remains of a fellow fallen player making his point pretty much moot.

The Fingers

Fallout 76 character customization options are, let’s say, versatile. Behold this long-fingered glitch-ridden monstrosity.

Curiosity Killed The Cat

For all their epic and explosive beauty, nukes remain straight up deadly in Fallout 76 as streamer CletusBlueford unceremoniously experienced. Even a power armor can’t withhold the might of a nuke’s force. Question is why did he just stand straight underneath the bomb’s downward trajectory? Curiosity.

A Bug’s Life

What would a Bethesda game be without some ludicrous bugs? We’ve thrown this one in for good measure. Though symptomatic of a buggy mess under Fallout 76’s hood, you can’t help giggle at the timeliness of that bulky bundle of sinew and mutated flesh clipping instantaneously into a prone position.

Vladimir Putin

More character customization goodness. Someone took the time to replicate the unmistakable stoic features of Vladimir Putin of all people. It’s uncanny and equally disturbing.

Hanging Out

Chatting away nicely, CohhCarnage explores what it means to be just ‘hanging out’ until shooting all and everything you come across turns awry and stuff explodes, resulting in unexpected deaths. Ladies and gentlemen, Fallout 76, as unpredictable as it is fun.

Slow Clap

Every good glitch deserves a slow clap and this one is no different. Immobile, headless, and terrifying as they go, this one takes the biscuit in the fear factor category.

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