9 Stream Highlights From The First Few Days Of Battlefield V

8 Stream Highlights From The First Few Days Of Battlefield V

With Premier access to Battlefield V in full swing, the top streamers over on Twitch have had a chance to ply their trade. Not everyone is pleased and the game has some bugs, but overall everyone seems to be having a great time. Here are nine stream highlights from the first few days of Battlefield V.

Rockets Are OP

Here we have JoshOG calling in a rocket strike, which as you’ll see is straight up OP. Though he dies in the process of requesting the launch, his last minute decision results in what we imagine was the majority of the opposing team going down in flames.

Unlucky Nod

Who says NPCs can’t have perfect timing? Here DrDisrespect aims for a headshot, but the enemy nods his head forward at the very last moment, dodging the bullet in the process. Things go south for the two-time from here onwards as he weathers a barrage of enemy fire.

Battlefield V Has Its Share of Bugs

Battlefield V is one hell of a hectic game and as a consequence has its fair share of bugs. Here, Forsen bears the brunt of multiple bugs in quick succession, from a dodgy hand animation to a botched tank exit, resulting in his player model glitching under the map. This classic bug just won’t go away. By now you’d think developers would have found a fix.

Not Everyone Was Taken With Battlefield V

The Doc wasn’t impressed with his few short hours with Battlefield V and he seemed to struggle with the pace of the game and the gun mechanics. True to form and in suitably dramatic style, he promptly exits the game, uninstalls it, and loads up Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Battlefield V Is Chaos

Lirik and Sacriel experience the full chaos of Battlefield V in all its glory as they capture an objective only to be attacked by a low flying plane that crashes into a bunch of trees. Things explode, everyone is confused, and it sure looks fun.

Poor Forsen Can’t Seem To Catch A Break From Bugs

Poor Forsen suffers another devastating bug when he decides to drop from a plane, but hitches a ride on a falling bomb, landing him smack bang into enemy-controlled territory. He downs a few of them in gungho style, but things soon turn awry.

Luckiest Snipe

Talk about a lucky shot. This is pure guesswork, but oh how right JoshOG turns out to be. Dethroning a player from the top of a tank has never been so sweet.

Shroud Is Shroud

A somewhat familiar formula by this point, but drop Shroud into the latest FPS and he’ll be popping off in now time. Exhibit A right here.

Tagging Along For The Ride

Air combat in Battlefield V is among the most enjoyable aspects of the game, that is until other players decide that crashing into other planes is the best course of action. A midair collision sets Sacriel up for a lengthy, unexpected plunge to a flaming wreck as an enemy plane latches onto his own vehicle in what is or isn’t a glitch. The verdict is still out.

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