Diablo Mobile Game Announcement Infuriates Hardcore Fans

Diablo fans are infuriated with Blizzard, as the company decided to troll crowds gathered at BlizzCon this weekend with the announcement of a new entry into the series – a mobile Diablo game.

While the thought of a mobile Diablo game isn’t particularly upsetting in itself, the fact that Blizzard closed the show with its reveal, just goes to show how out of touch the company is with their customers. Usually, you save the best for last, and apparently Blizzard feels a Diablo mobile game constitutes as the best they have this year.


Diablo designer Wyatt Cheng then came on stage to announce “Diablo: Immortal” and hyped the game up as if it was the biggest game of the decade. Needless to say, the crowd didn’t quite share his level of enthusiasm, as they were hoping instead for some info on Diablo 4.

After Cheng’s announcement, fans were given a chance to participate in a Q&A session. During this time, one fan received the spotlight and asked, “Is this an out of season April Fool’s joke?”

With cheers and whistles in the background, Cheng confirmed again that the title is indeed a “fully fledged Diablo experience on mobile.”

To make matters worse, when a different fan asked whether a PC port of the game would later become available, Cheng commented, “Do you guys not have phones?”

Angry Diablo fans later flocked to the Diablo:Immortal YouTube trailer page to massively downvote it. The official YouTube upload has over 426 thousand downvotes at the time of posting.

Further investigation of the game has many believing that Blizzard has actually outsourced the development of the title to Chinese company NetEase which has is a company that has gained some bad press for releasing cheap imitations of popular computer games.

Diablo: Immortal is just a reskinned version of a previous Netease game from Diablo

Things aren’t looking so great for Blizzard right now and they seem to have picked up as much bad press as EA Ganes had following their lootbox fiasco.

For a play-by-play analysis of what’s happening with Blizzard, check out this YouTube video by YongYea which has a very thorough analysis on the current fan outcry against Diablo: Immortal.

Stay tuned for more info as Blizzard is bound to have a few more things to say regarding the fan outcry.


Featured Image Source: Microsoft

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