RDR2: 11 Most Bizarre ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Bugs And Oddities

11 Of The Best Hitches and Glitches From Red Dead Redemption 2

For all the merited praise Red Dead Redemption 2 has received in the week or so since release, RDR2 isn’t perfect and has produced its fair share of bizarre bugs and oddities. Here are 11 of the best, funniest, and strangest.

Tumbling Down

Source: Gfycat

Rockstar straight up nailed most of the physics in Red Dead Redemption 2. Bump into a rock at high speed and Arthur will go flying, mistime a jump and he’ll be thrown off his steed. But that isn’t to say they aren’t prone to the occasional glitch, especially when it comes to rag doll effects and vertical inclines. The way this horse careens powerlessly down the incline of this snowy ravine is the stuff of nightmares. No wonder it was critically injured.

Hanging Out At The Bar

11 Of The Best Hitches and Glitches From Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR2 excels at making the bond between Arthur and his horse a crucial mechanic. There’s a certain pride in reaching the max bond level with all the sweet new equestrian moves this entails. But, you know you’ve truly bonded with your horse when he joins you at the bar. What’s your poison Betsy?


RDR2 Reddit: My Whole Futile Existence Flashed Before My Eyes

“My whole futile existence flashed before my eyes.” Yeah me too. Wait, no, never mind? from reddeadredemption

The timing of this is beyond perfect. A profound existential muttering followed by a gruesome fatal bear attack. Priceless. Exactly how Red Dead Redemption 2 can conjure up such fitting moments is beyond us, but thank you Rockstar for this gem.

The Endless Chasm

Besides the Swamp, this has been the Spookiest Moment in Red Dead Redemption 2 from reddeadredemption

Falling below the map is a classic open-world bug and Red Dead 2 isn’t immune. Usually, the underbelly of the map is made up of water so players either drown or swim around aimlessly. However, in Red Dead Redemption 2 there appears to be an endless chasm that magically teleports Arthur in proximity to where he plummeted. Thanks Rockstar for not making the bug game breaking.

Fear Induced Levitation

The man was so startled by me that he jumped 6 feet into the air from reddeadredemption

The game very much plays into every cause having an effect and this isn’t better exemplified than with Arthur’s interactions with the local NPC populace especially if he’s been a naughty boy. Reputation precedes him and people are understandably wary of a gritty, gun slinging maniac. This particularly gentleman quite literally jumps out of his seat.


Arthur Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Damn those trading post boys don’t fight fair lol from reddeadredemption

Arthur’s a tough nut to crack at the best of times. It’s no wonder these up-to-no-good trade post loiterers had to encircle him to get him to back off. Arthur stood no chance. Seven shots at point blank range will down any man.

Rhodes Fire Glitch

11 Of The Best Hitches and Glitches From Red Dead Redemption 2

Probably the highest profile glitch to emerge from Red Dead Redemption 2 to date, the Rhodes crossroads fire glitch is as eerie as it is entertaining. Spend a few minutes there and enjoy as you watch the traffic of stagecoaches, cowboys, and wagons burn to a crisp.

Wildlife Redemption

Thought I’d take in the view.. from reddeadredemption

These are a dime a dozen over on Reddit, but animals getting their revenge for the excessive amounts of hunting perpetrated by Arthur is poetic justice in action. Poor Arthur didn’t even hear the buck coming. At least he got a wash in the stream below out of it.

Slammed Down To Hell

Red Dead Redemption 2 pits Arthur against some redoubtable enemies, but none quite take the biscuit like this guy who has the most powerful, literally earth shattering body slam technique we’ve ever seen. Not only does Arthur smash through the porch, but breaks through the earth’s crust. If a game must have bugs, make them as enjoyable as this one.

Playing With Fire

Mind my business? from reddeadredemption

Chance encounters make Arthur’s world a vibrant and intriguing place with something new, weird, or interesting to witness at every turn. We’re not sure if this is a bug, or a well designed event, but playing with fire (in this case dynamite) never ends well. Arthur’s comments add to the overall hilarity of the situation, especially the velvety condescending twang of his ‘Goddamn idiots’.

Strangest Character In The Game

11 Of The Best Hitches and Glitches From Red Dead Redemption 2

This has got to be the weirdest and most disturbing character in the game. Not only is he shirtless and infected by a severe skin bacteria and facial deformities, he plays the banjo for passing folk. Oh and he’s got a tiny hat. Who is this guy and what is his story?

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