10 Amazing Fan-Made Overwatch Skins We Wish Were Real

Overwatch is a game filled with personality and wonderful skins. While some skins are arguably better than others, when Blizzard goes all out on a cool concept you can bet your ass that it will look amazing. However, Blizzard is not the only one that’s great at designing amazing skins, fans are as well. Here are 10 fantastic fan-made skins in no particular order that would be great additions to the game.

Scuba D.Va

The first fan-made skin that has to obviously be mentioned is Scuba D.Va or the Or.Ca variant. This is probably one of the first fan-made Overwatch skins to ever come out, existing before the game even left beta. The skin was made by Geddu

on Deviantart and would be an absolutely hilarious skin to see in action.

Soldier: 1776

This skin should be added to the game by virtue of the name alone. Soldier: 1776 is a perfect pun on Soldier’s actual name and the skin’s style is also ecstatic. The piece was made by Sylvain Decaux.

Guardian Lion Orisa

Next up is this Guardian Lion Orisa skin which is just absolutely incredible. It’s a bit unfair though to post fan-made skins from Antonio Demico as he consistently creates some of the best looking Overwatch skins. Blizzard should hire this guy asap.

Ancient King Reaper

Contrary to most fan-made skins, artist Grigory Lebidko made a full 3D render for this fan-made skin instead of just a concept drawing. It looks like it completely belongs in the game and it honestly should be.

This Reaper Skin

Completely on the other side of the fan-made Reaper skin spectrum, we have this wonderful piece of art. I doubt Blizzard would ever put this Reaper skin in the game but we can always dream. Made by The Reginal


Magical Girl Pharah & Mercy

In a similar vein to the pink Reaper skin, we have these two magical girl skins for the PharMercy duo. These skins are probably too comical to put in the game but they would totally make me feel all anime while playing. Created by Rachel Kong.

Groovy Lucio

Lucio is already a very groovy character but these skins would definitely cement his status as the grooviest in the game. These skins created by Taux totally fit Lucio’s personality.

Deep Sea Roadhog

A deep sea skin for Roadhog wouldn’t really be a stretch considering he has artificial breathing and a hook in the first place. The thing that really makes it perfect though, using the pufferfish for his self-heal. Piece created by JoTheWeirdoz.

Tracer Rider Skin

This Tracer skin would be the perfect addition to the Sentai Genji skin that’s already in the game. If this skin would be implemented we’d already have the red and green Power Ranger, after which we would only still need yellow, pink, and black. Skin made by Alpha Gamboa.

Otaku Roadhog

Otaku Roadhog is probably the most notorious fan-made Overwatch skin in existence due to the sheer ugliness of it. Although it will never be a reality, it’s one of the most hilarious ideas that has ever been put on paper. Made by MonoriRogue.

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