Incineroar And Ken Are The Newest Additions To Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate line-up just keeps growing and growing. Today 2 more characters were announced that will be part of the game which brings the total amount of playable character up to 74. One of the characters that has been announced is Ken from Street Fighter but the real star of the show is Incineroar.

This badass Pokémon is the final evolution of the Litten line from Pokémon Sun and Moon and is inspired by a heel wrestler. The wrestling theme alone made him perfect for Smash so it’s really no surprise to see him on the roster.


Inceneroar’s kit looks as badass as you could imagine it. It’s filled with wrestling moves such as a backbreaker and back arch. During the treehouse segment, they also revealed that he has the slowest move speed out of any character and thus his style is more centered around countering opponent’s attacks instead of going on the offensive himself. Speaking of counters, he probably has one of the best ones in the game. After Inceneroar successfully counters an attack his entire body starts to glow and his next smash attack will almost instantly knock people off the stage. Incineroar’s final smash will be a stylized version of his signature Z-move Malicious Moonsault


Ken’s kit was also teased although it looks to be your average martial arts move set. It’s a bit harder to make out what his kit can do although he looks to be a close-range fighter with some devastating combos. He is probably going to be a bit different from Ryu as he’s not considered to be an Echo Fighter but it rather a completely separate character. Of course, similarly to Ryu, he does have Street Fighter’s signature Hadouken move which we see him use against Little Mac in the trailer.

Another character that was revealed to be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Piranha Plant although he will be post-launch content. He is going to be a part of the DLC although you can receive him for free if you purchase the game early. No, Nintendo doesn’t mean pre-purchase the game, they simply mean purchasing the game before January 31, 2019, which I think most Switch owners will do anyway.

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