Netflix Reveals First Look At Henry Cavill As Geralt

Netflix just revealed a teaser clip of Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series, and it’s got the internet ablaze. Some fans like the look of it, while others think it’s laughably bad.

Here’s the official tweet that came out just a few hours ago.

The first thing that immediately comes to attention about this costume/makeup test video is the fact that Cavill doesn’t sport the beard that Geralt had in Witcher 3, a look that has become sort of the de facto one that best represents the character. It’s one of the most commented opinions on the Twitter post.


The fans that don’t like Cavill’s clip mostly think that he looks too clean, as @GrumpyCatterman directly points out.

A lot of fans have been saying th at Cavill looks more like Lucius Malfoy or Legolas, rather than a battle-hardened Geralt.


As some fans pointed out though, Geralt never had a beard in the source material, and from this perspective, the Netflix clip is actually more accurate than the game version of the character.

The other big source of discontent is the wig, with numerous Twitter comments bashing the apparent “cheapness” it exudes.

As the latter comment from @Phoenix_flair notes, some fans think Cavill is a fine Geralt and that a lot of the problems from the clip could easily be fixed between now and when the series officially airs.

Fixing up his appearance is pretty easy nowadays – this was merely a costume/makeup testing clip and the team will probably go through several iterations before they settle on one that will be used for the actual series. Cavill looks close enough to Geralt that with a few costume/makeup fixes, he’ll look the part no problem. The bigger issue as I see it, is whether or not his acting chops are up to par for this role.

We’ve still got a long while to wait before we can find out though – the Netflix series doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, though it’s expected to air sometime in 2020.


Featured Image Source: Screen Rant

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