Bang Has Confirmed That He And Sneaky Will Cosplay Together

The Bang and Sneaky cosplay is on! Prior to the all-star voting event, Bang promised his fans that if he was going to Las Vegas for the event that he would team up with Sneaky in order to deliver a special Xayah and Rakan cosplay. Since Bang was indeed chosen as one of the LCK representatives he had contacted Sneaky to ask him whether he wanted to cosplay with him. Through a video in which Bang and Faker express their gratitude of being voted into the all-star event, Bang confirmed that he and Sneaky have already contacted each other and that the cosplay is going to happen.



Sneaky has always been known to be a memelord and his streams were often quite disastrous. However, he took the League community by storm when he posted himself on Twitter in a Dark Elementalist Lux cosplay. This was in March earlier this year and he quickly followed that cosplay up with a Pizza Delivery Sivir cosplay. The weird thing is not that he’s cosplaying but rather that his cosplays look really good and actually make Sneaky look sexy. Although he has posted several other cosplays, it was really these 2 that have given him his cosplay reputation, besides obviously being one of the best AD carries in the worlds and a total meme.


Now that we know that Bang and Sneaky are definitely going to do a cosplay together we can safely say that his cosplay appeal has already spread to other pros. What exactly they will be cosplaying will be revealed on a later date although it’s expected that it will still be the Xayah and Rakan duo. Maybe if Riot allows it they could even appear in their cosplay on-stage although it will most likely remain separate from the event. Bang did say though that he has not made any start on his cosplay yet.

The all-star event will take place from December 6 until December 12 in Las Vegas. To see all of the pros who have been voted into the tournament by fans please check out a full article that was written here. Streamers and other League of Legends personalities have also been invited to join the event although not all of these have been revealed yet.

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