5 Essential PUBG Mobile Tips To Get To #1

PUBG Mobile is currently the most trending game on mobile. Winning a chicken dinner is not as easy as it used to be, when you only have to kill bots. 

Generally speaking, PUBG Mobile has a lot in common with the PC and Xbox versions, the difference is the touch control on the phone.

5. Peek and Fire mode


Experienced players know that concealing your body is much better than expose the whole body to enemy’s firepower. Therefore, you should turn on Peek and Fire mode in the game setting. There’s a great and detailed guide on how to do it here.


You should practice with this Peek and Fire mode around corners or from behind trees. This is a very important skill that you absolutely must master.

4. Pay attention to the Mini Map!

pubg mobile

If you play the game with sound disabled, the signals for foot steps, gunfire and vehicles will display on the minimap. This will help you avoid sudden death.


3. Re-assign your controller hotkeys

pubg mobile

The default buttons is designed for many players. But to effectively play, you need to adjust to fit your style the most.

2. Enable the Auto run mode

pubg mobile

To enable auto run mode, you just need to hold run button and drag up. Now you can freely control your character to run in another direction.

1. Always watch your back

PUBG Mobile

Death from behind is a real thing here people. If you get too careless and don’t at least occasionally look behind you, you’ll get owned often.

Is there any tips you want to share to play PUBG better? Please leave your comment below.

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