Why You Should Watch The G2 Versus IG Semifinal Tomorrow

Every Western fan in the League of Legends community is currently waiting patiently for the semifinal between Cloud9 and Fnatic as this is probably the most important match between NA and EU that we have ever had. However, the semifinal between G2 and IG can certainly not be overlooked and might even be more important for the finals as well as the final result of Worlds.

The reason for this is that if G2 wins they will have ensured that the winner of Worlds 2018 will be a Western team. Since Cloud9 and Fnatic are both Western teams this means that whichever team advances are a Western team by default. However, in the match between G2 and IG, this is not the case.


IG is the last Asian team that is still part of the Worlds tournament and while they were never considered a favorite to win the tournament, they have always been seen as an extremely strong team. They are the second seed from the LPL and a team that is capable of going toe-to-toe with RNG who were considered the favorites to win the tournament and the strongest team in 2018. RNG was surprisingly beaten by G2 last week but that doesn’t mean that the showdown between G2 and IG will simply be a stomp for G2.


G2 and IG are stylistically a much closer match than G2 and RNG which might make the match incredibly hard for G2. Both teams like playing around their solo laners but it’s undeniable that IG’s laners are stronger than those of G2. This means that G2 either has to come up with a different gameplan, or Perkz and Wunder would have to play out of their minds. The bot lanes of both teams have a similar playstyle as well as they are often seen as the weaker link of both teams and thus camped often. As we have previously seen in the tournament, both IG’s bot lane and G2’s bot lane are adept at surviving numerous ganks from the enemy team.

Hopefully, G2 comes prepared with a good plan in order to secure the World cup for a Western team. The match between G2 and IG takes place tomorrow early in the morning if you live in Europe and in the middle of the night if you live in the United States. Be sure to check out when it’s starts depending on the time-zone in which you live and tune in for what could be a very explosive best of 5 series.

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