League Of Legends Items Might Be Coming To Twitch Prime

Twitch prime subscribers have something to celebrate as Twitch Prime has supposedly partnered up with League of Legends. Riot added a new loot item on the PBE which is called a “Summoner’s Crown Capsule”. According to the [email protected] website, on which it was first spotted, the container will contain 1 random legend ary-tier skin shard. There’s no key required to open the Summoner’s Crown Capsule and it will only be available to people who have a Twitch Prime account.


Legendary skins are the second rarest skins in League of Legends, the first being Ultimate skins. They cost 1820RP which makes them quite pricey but in return give you a skin of really high quality. They are complete reimaginings of the characters and often feature a new model, new animations, new voice lines, and new visuals. The release of a new legendary skin is often celebrated with a login screen of that skin as well thus receiving a free legendary skin shard is quite the reward.

As it’s a skin shard there are quite a few things that you can do with it. If you like the skin that you have been given the most logical choice would obviously be to make it into a skin permanent which means that you can use it in-game. Upgrading a legendary-tier skin shard to a permanent skin will cost you a total of 1520 orange essence. This is a pretty large amount so it’s about time to start saving up some essence if you have a Twitch Prime account. If you do not like the skin shard that you have been given you can either disenchant it into 364 orange essence, or you can reroll it together with 2 other skins to receive a completely random skin permanent.


If Riot actually goes through with adding the Summoner’s Crown Capsule to the game then it would mark the first Twitch Prime item that Riot has ever released. It’s about time though as a lot of other games such as Hearthstone and Overwatch have already released tons of exclusive Twitch Prime items. Since there has not yet been a date announced it’s unknown when the capsule will go live or if it will at all.

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