Quickshot Leaves The Worlds Broadcast Team Due To Family Emergency

The League of Legends Worlds tournament has to regretfully continue without one if its best casters. Yesterday, Trevor “Quickshot” Henry announced that he would not continue casting at Worlds 2018 due to a family situation at home. He made the announcement with the following Tweet.

The departure of Quickshot is quite unfortunate as he is one of the best, if not the best, play by play casters active on the Riot broadcast team. He was supposed to cast one of the two semifinals this weekend and was probably in contention for casting the final as well due to his status as a veteran caster.

Fortunately for Riot and League of Legends fans, Riot’s broadcast team is filled with talent and Quickshot’s place will undoubtedly be filled by another talented play by play casters such as CaptainFlowers, Pastrytime, or Riv. Quickshot already clarified on Reddit that the broadcast team has been incredibly supportive and has ensured his fans that the team will kick ass the next two weeks. Who will replace Quickshot in the upcoming semifinal is still unknown.


Despite not continuing as a caster for Worlds, Quickshot has let his fans know that he will still be active on Twitter and Reddit for the remainder of the tournament so there’s no need to miss him too much. There’s no doubt that he’s going to spam both platforms with a bunch of hype and analysis.

Quickshot is not the only caster that will miss part of the Worlds tournament. Zirene was supposed to cast games during the tournament as well but unfortunately missed his alarm on the first day of group stages and was thus removed from the broadcast team as a form of punishment although only for the group stages. Maybe now that Quickshot is gone we will be able to see more of Zirene although it’s unlikely as Zirene is a color caster and not a play by play one.

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