All Upcoming Overwatch LEGO Sets Have Been Leaked By Target

Following the brief tease that we got of the LEGO Bastion, all the other Overwatch LEGO sets have no been revealed, or rather, leaked. The LEGO sets have all been leaked by Target and were first spotted by LEGO fansite The Brothers Brick. Each set comes with pictures as well as prices. There is a total of 6 sets to go over and they will be ordered from least expensive to most expensive.

Please note that these are the prices charged by Target in the United States and that the prices might differ depending on the store or country where you buy these LEGO sets.


Tracer vs Widowmaker

The first set is a relatively simple one that features Tracer and Widowmaker on Watchpoint Gibraltar. The set comes with the payload that you will have pushed around on Gibraltar countless times as well as a minifigure for Tracer and one for Widowmaker. The set contains a total of 129 pieces and will cost you $14.99 making it the cheapest set of the bunch.

Hanzo vs Genji

The next set is perfect for all you Hanzo and Genji mains out there as it features the final capture point of Hanamura and comes with minifigures for Hanzo and Genji. The set is based on the Dragons animated short which we know since the set comes with a minifigure for one of the guards that was taken down by Hanzo. The set contains 197 pieces and will cost $19.99.

Dorado Showdown

The next set features some scenery of Dorado as well as the red truck which is Dorado’s signature payload. This set is also the first one to feature some map scenery as it comes with the archway in which you’ve probably fought countless battles. The minifigures that comes with this set are for Reaper, McCree, and Soldier: 76. This set contains 419 pieces and costs $29.99.


D.Va & Reinhardt

This set is not really centered around a map but is solely about two of the bulkiest tanks in the game. It basically contains a massive figure for Reinhardt and a massive figure of D.Va’s mech which also comes with a D.Va minifigure. As someone who loves playing tanks, this is probably my favorite set. It contains 455 pieces and costs $39.99.


This is the LEGO set that Blizzard has teased before which is basically just a massive Bastion figure that is also able to transform to sentry mode. This set obviously comes with a small Ganymede as well as Bastion would not be complete without his little avian friend. The Bastion LEGO set contains 602 pieces and will cost you $49.99.


Watchpoint: Gibraltar

This is the largest set out of the bunch and features the space shuttle that you encounter at the end of the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map as well as the launchpad that it’s on before take off. This set also comes with the most minifigures; Reaper, Winston, Pharah, and Mercy. It contains a whopping 730 pieces and will cost $89.99 making it the most expensive.

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