Popular Taiwanese Streamer Flames People Who Died In Tragic Train Crash

Zhang GodTone3Be0 Jia Hang aka “Gragas God,” is a popular Taiwanese League of Legends streamer who gained notoriety years ago for streaming high elo matches. Part of his popularity also can be attributed to outrageous flames against his opponents and even sometimes against his own teammates. His mouth and actions have gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. Zhang can add probably add another one to the list as he’s drawn some rather bad press due to the fact he went off on an expletive ridden tirade regarding the tragic train crash that happened on Sunday

. 18 people died in the accident and more than 190 were injured, making it the deadliest rail accident in Taiwan since 1981.

In a video capture from the stream, Zhang shows extreme apathy towards those injured and killed in the train crash saying essentially that it was “good for them to die” and “they were too poor to buy a car.” Following this, he curses out Taiwanese people, commenting that this situation is just another example of Taiwanese people being like “cattle.” Zhang comments that the ones to blame are Taiwanese “trash” who commit “sins” and the public that “accepts them.”

He then started talking about how the Taiwanese “aren’t serious about gaming” (a clear jab at the LMS completely failing to make it to the Worlds 2018 quarterfinals), “aren’t serious about performing rail inspections,” and “aren’t serious when going to work” either.


The clip is in Chinese, but if you want to give his impassioned soliloquy a look, you can do so below.

Needless to say, a lot of netizens are flaming Zhang for his callous words regarding those affected by the train crash. While he doesn’t say it directly, his words honestly seem more disappointed rather than directly trying to be insulting. In other words, he’s sad that it takes such a tragic incident for Taiwanese people to recognize that they should be working harder and making sure they do their job well.

The most recent news regarding the train crash indicates that the driver may possibly be responsible for the incident and has since been arrested under suspicion of negligence. Zhang might end up being somewhat right if the driver’s negligence is indeed responsible for the crash, however, the way in which he said it was in very poor taste.


Featured Image Source: Streamerpedia

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