PUBG Teases Halloween Event In Short Eerie Clip

PUBG Teases Halloween Event In Short Eerie Clip

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is embracing Halloween for the first time this year with full blown event scheduled for the end of this month.

Alongside the usual deluge of server maintenance announcement, PUBG’s socials were graced with a 9 second video teasing the upcoming spooky event. In true Halloween fashion, it depicts the iconic masked PUBG player model that appears on all the marketing material being chased by a a grim looking group through a shadowy, dilapidated compound building.

Among the cast of characters we have perennial Halloween staples such as a creepy Pennywise-like clown peering down from above and nurse in a blood soaked uniform, while we also get a glimpse of two quick moving figures sporting sinister and unnerving masks. A door shuts ominously in front of the escaping player, to what we imagine is a rather brutal end.

The clip ends pretty much as soon as it begins with a rising crescendo of orchestral strings to really crank up the fear factor. The tweet itself is simply accompanied by ‘Beware… Halloween Approaches’. Over on YouTube, the tagline is a little more elaborate: ‘Sneak a peek at your own peril. No Treats. All Trick. Coming Soon’. Intriguing.

From the trailer, we assume the event will feature Halloween-themed skins and possibly a limited time event based on chasing down other players, though in what format remains unknown. We can however gleam that a night mode won’t be part and parcel of the event given the clip takes place during the day as seen by the light shining through the windows.

More in the coming days and weeks as PUBG unveil its spooky intentions.

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