DICE Releases Stirring Battlefield V War Stories Single Player Trailer

DICE Releases Stirring Battlefield V War Stories Single Player Trailer

As teased late yesterday, DICE has released a new trailer for upcoming history bending shooter Battlefield V with the focus on single-player campaign War Stories. We’ve heard very little since a brief trailer at E3 and EA are set to divulge a whole lot more in the coming week starting with today’s trailer, followed by blog posts, social media takeovers, feature videos, and an unspecified surprise on Friday.

In usual grandiose fashion, the deep guttural tones of actor Mark Strong lay on the epic platitudes while a stream of cut scenes and in-game footage are woven together setting the scene for War Stories.

The first episode of four available at launch is Nordlys, the story of a young Norwegian resistance fighter standing up to the Nazi assault to save her family and flag. The trailer depicts said Scandinavian hero gallivanting and skiing through suitably vertiginous peaks carpeted in snow, while taking in the breathtaking vistas of the Norwegian fjords and kicking some Nazi ass in the process.

Interspersed are also clips from the other episodes including fighting abroad in Tirailleur, making it behind enemy lines in sabotage narrative Under No Flag, and the North Africa-based tale of a Tiger 1 crew as they consider the futility of war dubbed The Last Tiger.

DICE Releases Stirring Battlefield V War Stories Single Player Trailer

The trailer looks incredible as these things so often do, but what is most apparent is the diversity of locals and game play peppered throughout the short two minute video. DICE seem on the cusp of delivering on their claim of exploring the untold stories of World War II. Riding the Tiger 1 looks particularly enticing thanks to a whole load of fire power under the belt, while if implemented well, the skiing mechanic could prove to be a hell of a lot of fun.

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s resounding triumph and EA pushing back Battlefield V to November 20th, DICE has its work cut out. Today’s display of what appears to be a well-crafted and compelling single player component may prove to be the game’s saving grace given Treyarch opted to not include a single player campaign in Black Ops 4.

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