Bowsette Makes Appearance In Breath Of The Wild

Just when you thought it was dying down, a new Bowsette mod has surfaced putting the infamous character into Breath of the Wild!

Following on the heels of the Mario 64 and the New Super Mario Bros. mod, comes a brand new Bowsette mod unlike any other. This is the first time a Bowsette mod has been made for a non-Mario game. As reported by Kotaku, LynardKiller’s mod for Breath of the Wild transforms Link into Bowsette!

Here are a few pics of her in action.

With a Great Flameblade.

Apparently, the above pictures of Bowsette show what she looks like with a custom armor. Here’s what she her default skin looks like without the armor.

Pretty cool eh? Unfortunately, Lynard Killer’s mod isn’t ready for download yet, but in the meantime, you can check out some of his other Breath of the Wild mods on Gamebanana where it’ll end up once it’s ready.

If you’re on the fence about downloading one of them, it’s worth watching some of the mods in action. Lynard Killer’s YouTube page has clips of several of his mods, including a “Linkle” mod and a “corrupted Linkle” variant.

For a closer look at this Bowsette mod, here’s Lynard Killer’s original video where he showcases off the model in different battles and scenarios.

Who knows what game Bowsette will turn up in next? Super Mario Galaxy? Zelda 64? With this Breath of the Wild mod, it seems like the sky’s the limit!


Featured Image Source: Lynard Killer (via YouTube)

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