Nintendo’s Mobile Game Dragalia Lost Makes $13.5 Million In Two Weeks

If you would have told me ten years ago that Nintendo would be releasing an RPG for the mobile phone in 2018 I would have called you a madman. But as we all know by now they did actually release an RPG for the mobile phones and that game turns out to be doing pretty well for itself. The game is called Dragalia Lost and it has generated a total revenue of $13.5 million in its first two weeks in Japan and the US. While it hardly comes close to the number of sales that a new Mario or Zelda could generate, it’s really not a bad number either considering it’s a completely new IP.

The data was collected by SensorTower who have also compared the title with other mobile titles that Nintendo has released. The game has generated more revenue for Nintendo than Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp managed to make during that game’s first two weeks. It’s also only trailing slightly behind Super Mario Run which made $15.6 million during its first two weeks after launch. However, Dragalia Lost comes nowhere near Nintendo’s mobile titan Fire Emblem Heroes which made an astonishing $34 million in just two weeks after launch.

What we can also gather from the data is that Dragalia Lost, unsurprisingly, received the most revenue from Japanese players. The JRPG style of the game means that it was practically made for the Japanese audience so it’s not all that surprising that it’s doing well there. 69% of all the spending on the title comes from Japan. While this means that the game is definitely finding success over there, it also means that it’s not as hot in the United States where it only ranks at number 512 in terms of the number of downloads that the game has received. Of course, the game is still new so that number might still increase in the future if more people would be aware of the title but the JRPG style of the game certainly means that there is less interest in the West.

Despite the fact that the game’s success is more skewed towards Japan, Dragalia Lost is not a failure for Nintendo at all. This is their first attempt at making a completely original IP for mobile phones and seeing that it has done relatively well certainly means that there is an audience for such games. Nintendo has always been the top company for making handheld systems and games but now that everyone can game on their phones creating new handhelds might be a bit redundant. However, if Nintendo were to start making games for mobile phones instead of handhelds this would open up an entirely new market for the company. Mobile gaming might have a bright future ahead as I expect to see much more new and original Nintendo content on mobile phones if they deem Dragalia Lost successful enough.

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