Gen.G Blows The Group Of Death Wide Open With Victory Over Cloud9

Defending worlds champions Gen.G have picked up their first win in the group stages today against Cloud9. This win means that the group is blown wide open with 3 of the 4 teams having a score of 1-2 while RNG is standing comfortably at 3-0. It’s very likely that none of the teams in group B will be able to win against RNG but what was first considered to be a very boring group of death is now probably the most exciting group that we have.

The game between Cloud9 and Gen.G was quite close throughout the majority of the game but small individual mistakes from Cloud9 meant that Gen.G was able to slowly creep ahead. Cloud9 really messed up though when their jungler Blaber and support Zeyzal engaged onto a Poppy which is one of the tankiest champions in the game. This mistake was punished heavily by Gen.G and they closed out the game relatively quickly after Cloud9’s horrible mistake.

Although the loss is unfortunate for Cloud9 and its fans, it’s really exciting for the group itself. The group was called the group of death as it contained both tournament favorites RNG and defending champion Gen.G. This meant that any team that would get into this group was unlikely to advance out of the group stages. Now that all teams have faced off against each other, all teams can still make it out of the group. RNG will definitely make it out but which team will make it out as second seed is so far undecided.

On Sunday the remaining game will play out between the 4 teams in the group and will make for a whole lot of exciting League of Legends play. With how close 3 of the teams are in terms of skill we can expect a lot of fun matchups. Team Vitality is always a joy to watch in the first place as the hyperaggressive team will always go for a fight no matter the risk. Also, any team that does manage to secure a win against RNG will almost certainly make it out of groups as RNG doesn’t look like they will lose a single game. Stay posted for more updates on Worlds 2018.

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