Everyone’s Favorite Hamster Hammond Receives Spooky Halloween Skin

Blizzard has revealed the 5th and most likely final Halloween Terror event skin before the event goes live tomorrow. This time it’s everyone’s favorite Hamster Hammond and his trusty Wrecking Ball that have received the spooky Halloween treatment.

The aptly named Jack-o’-lantern Wrecking Ball skin transforms Hammond’s Wrecking Ball into a jack-o’-lantern while Hammond becomes a hamster you don’t want to be bitten by due to his new and sharp set of pearly white teeth.

The skin is a legendary skin and the fourth legendary revealed so far. The others are Swamp Monster Doomfist

Banshee Moira

And Enchanted Armor Pharah.

A Halloween Widowmaker skin was also revealed although it’s an epic skin and not a legendary. The skin is called Spider Widowmaker and simply decks her out with some spiderweb patterns.

Since the event starts tomorrow the Jack-o’-lantern skin is probably the last Halloween skin to be revealed via the official Overwatch Twitter as we will be able to see all the new cosmetics tomorrow. Blizzard’s way of revealing skin via Twitter prior to an official event also has to be commended as it’s a really good way to generate some hype for the event as well as show what the skin-team has been working on.

Prior Halloween Terror skins will also make a return while the event is live and will be able to be obtained through the event loot boxes. Furthermore, both Halloween skins from prior events as well as the new Halloween skins can be purchased with credits. Legendary skins from prior events will cost players a total of 1000 credits whereas the new skins will cost players a total of 3000 credits.

There is no word on the exact time that the event will be live so if you want to play as soon as the update goes live it’s recommended to check the client every so often if you’re not already playing that is, however, most Overwatch events go live between 7 pm to 8 pm CEST which is 1 pm to 2 pm EST.

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