G2 Secures First Place After Convincing Tiebreaker Win

G2 Esports started off the week very shaky when they lost against SuperMassive Esports in their first game at Worlds. However, they appear to be back in form as they have just secured first place in their group after a very one-sided victory in a tiebreaker against in their first game.

The tiebreaker happened after both G2 and SuperMassive finished the group stage with 3 wins and 1 loss. Both teams had won from the other team in their group and won one against each other but lost the other. This meant that both teams had already secured their way out of groups but that a tiebreaker had to take place to determine which team would leave as the 1st seed and which as the 2nd. This is still quite important as the 1st seed will face off against a 2nd seed in a best of 5 to determine who makes it to the Worlds Group Stages. Since most teams prefer to play versus a second seed rather than a first seed, both G2 and SuperMassive desperately wanted to win this game.


Unfortunately for SuperMassive, G2 demonstrated exactly why they are a team worthy of playing on the Worlds stage as they were extremely dominant throughout the game. They started off with quite a strong early game, despite there being relatively few kills, that they quickly and easily snowballed into a huge lead in the mid-game. Throughout the rest of the game, G2 gave SuperMassive very little room for a comeback, besides a few minor mistakes but those ultimately lead to nothing.


All in all, the game was a clearcut victory for G2 who seemed to be determined to make it out of groups as the first-place seed. Hopefully, the level at which G2 played today’s games is the same level that we will see them play at throughout the rest of the tournament so that they actually have a shot of making it out of groups.

Now that all the first and second seeds of the play-in groups have been decided the play-ins will move on to phase 2, which is best of 5s between the teams and the phase starts on Saturday, October 6. Each first-place seed will be randomly matched up against a second-place seed and compete in a best of 5. The winner of the best of 5 will move on to the group stages of Worlds 2018.

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