Infinity Esports Beats EDG In Miracle Upset To Keep Their Dreams Alive

Even though the first phase of the play-ins has not even ended, we have already seen our second big upset of the tournament. This time it was Infinity Esports that found a miraculous victory against EDG through some stellar team fighting. This game is probably the biggest upset we have seen so far at Worlds, although there have only been 2 real upsets so far.

The game started off the way that everyone expected it to start off. EDG dominated throughout the early game and quickly built up a lead for themselves which seemed quite insurmountable. The game truly looked like a top team versus a ‘wildcard’ team which is what most people expected the game to end as aswell.


However, Infinity Esports proved to the entire world that they are excellent at teamfights and there were multiple mid-game teamfights where Infinity completely stomped EDG, despite being behind in gold, structures, and kills. Especially Infinity’s mid-laner Cotopaco on Irelia was a sight to behold as he landed multiple stuns on the entirety of EDG. His Irelia play is one of the main reasons why the team managed to come out on top and keep their dreams of making the group stages alive.


Another reason for the surprising upset is that EDG played rather poorly. EDG is already known within the Chinese community for being a team that is really strong but that also likes to throw winnable games. The latter is the exact EDG that we saw today. They are the better team when looking at the individual skill level of the players, yet they kept making huge mistakes during teamfights. The most glaring of which was probably Meiko’s Leona Solar Flare that kept hitting zero players, even in chaotic teamfights where it should have been easy to hit at least one target.

As of writing this article, Infinity Esports has also beaten Dire Wolves which means that they are currently 2-2 in their group with the only game remaining being EDG versus Dire Wolves. If EDG beats Dire Wolves then both EDG and Infinity Esports will manage to make phase 2. If EDG throws another game, the group ends in a 3-way tie. All the Infinity can do now is hope that EDG won’t throw another game.

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