Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Begins On October 9

Now that October has arrived a lot of people around the world are starting to feel the Halloween vibes and that is not different for the Overwatch community as Halloween means the return of the Halloween event.

The date for the event was already announced yesterday and this year it will be from the 9th of October until the 31st. This means that the event is already starting a week from now. The Halloween Terror, as it’s called, is an escalation type shooter where you pick from a small selection of heroes and shoot down waves of robots until powerful bosses appear that you have to take down as well. This event used to be played on a part of the Eichenwalde map although that might be different this year since the announcement is featuring the Château Guillard map.


In the short announcement video, we clearly see a Halloween style Château Guillard for a brief period before we see a picture of Junkenstein and the dates from which the event will last. This is pretty exciting news as it not only means that the event will have a breath of fresh air but we also get to explore a much more spooky looking Château Guillard. Whether the actual gameplay behind the event will be changed has not yet been announced.


Another exciting aspect of the Halloween Terror event is all the fantastic Halloween skins that will be released for different heroes. The Halloween skins are probably some of the community’s favorite skins and you encounter them pretty often in the game. Unfortunately, there has not been any news on the skins that we will receive this year thus the community has decided to share some of their own creations and they are honestly pretty good.

A Spanish concept artist called Antonio Demonico created an amazing looking Plague Doctor Ana skin.

However, my favorite fan-made skin has to be this Cinderella Wrecking Ball skin created by u/Adipup, which turns Hammond into Cinderella and Wrecking Ball into the pumpkin carriage. If only this was real.


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