Riot Adjusts Price On Skin “Variants” After Community Complains

Riot Games wanted to try something new within League of Legends, skin variants. These would be new looks for already existing skins or a skin concept with 2 different looks, basically skins for skins. Riot introduced a few of these yesterday but the entire revealed faced quite a bit of community backlash.

The first set of skin variants that were revealed are the Pajama Guardians. This is a set of Star Guardian skin, one of League’s most popular skin lines, but instead of wearing their usual outfits they’re wearing pajamas instead. The 5 Star Guardians that will first receive a pajama skin are Lux, Lulu, Miss Fortune, Ezreal, and Soraka.


The other skin variant that Riot has previewed is a completely new skin, namely, eclipse Leona. This skin will come in the forms of both a lunar and solar eclipse essentially giving Leona two new skins.

Although most League of Legends fans agreed that the skins looked great, the reception they received wasn’t all that spectacular. Most people argued that it was either really lazy design or just way too expensive for the changes that the skins offered. Initially, Riot would offer the Pajama Guardian skins for 1350RP and give people that already known that respective Star Guadian a 30% discount. For the two Leona skins, one would be 1820RP and the other would also receive a discount of 30%. People quickly complained that this was way too expensive, especially the Leona one. Getting both Leona forms would be similar to buying an ultimate skin even though the quality of those skins is even higher.


Fortunately, Riot listens to their community (sometimes) and quickly updated the prices only 4 hours after their initial announcement. The discount that you can now receive if you already own the other variant is 45%. This means 743RP for a Pajama Guardian skin and 1001RP for the Eclipse Leona variant that you did not initially purchase. If you decide to buy both Eclipse Leona variants it will cost you 2821RP which is quite a bit cheaper than an ultimate skin.

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