Japanese PlayStation 4 Pro Price Reduced By 5000 Yen

On October 12th 2018, the PlayStation 4 Pro will receive its first price reduction since it was released in 2016, albeit only in Japan as far as we know for now. The price will be reduced by a total of 5000 Japanese Yen according to Sony, which is about 45 American Dollars or 38 Euros. Although the price reduction is not extremely significant, it’s still a price reduction.


As previously mentioned, this marks the first official price reduction of the system. If you wanted to get the system for a cheaper price you would have to either wait for a special promotion from certain retailers or you would have to purchase a PS4 bundle, although you would obviously still be paying a lot.

According to Sony, the bundles that they will be offering in Japan will also become cheaper due to the price change of the system. Just like the price change of the system, the bundles will also be made 5000 yen cheaper.


The reason for the price reduction is unclear although it does seem like the cheaper consoles come with new model numbers that could indicate that the hardware within the system has slightly changed. This could mean that the consoles might be cheaper to produce now which is why we see the change. It could also be that Sony knows that the console is nearing the end of its lifecycle and thus makes it a bit cheaper so that people that do now yet own a PS4 Pro might still buy one.

Whatever the reason for the price change, we certainly hope that we will see the reduction in other countries as well. The PS4 Pro is quite expensive so a price reduction might certainly help a few people with actually buying the console. For now, it’s best to wait and see what kind of fantastic discounts the PS4 Pro will have on Black Friday.


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