Super Mario Odyssey Gets Two New Special Outfits

Two new outfits have just gone live in Super Mario Odyssey and they’re both pretty eye catching: a Santa Claus Mario costume and an 8-bit retro Mario skin.

The official Nintendo account tweeted out a screenshot of the two new skins in a post the other day. Get a look at them below.

The Santa Claus skin is perfect for the season, but it’s the retro skin in particular, that has fans raving. Unlike all other purchasable Mario outfits, the retro one locks Mario’s animations and freezes him with his classic 8-bit pose. Here’s a video from YouTube channel GameXplain showing the sk in in action.


As you can see in the clip, Mario jumps, rolls, and spins around all while staying in his original pose. It’s easily the most unique outfit to hit the game so far.

According to the Nintendo tweet, in order to access these costumes, players need to have first cleared the main story before they appear in the store. The Santa Mario outfit requires two parts to pull off fully: the Santa Hat and the Santa Outfit. The hat costs 500 coins and the outfit goes for 1000. Similarly, the retro Mario skin is unlocked by purchasing the 8-Bit Mario Cap. Unlike the Santa getup which is relatively affordable, the 8-Bit Mario cap goes for a whopping 9999 coins!

Hope you’ve been saving up!


Featured Image Source: Miketendo64

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