Fornite 50V50 v2 Mode Is Now Live For A Limited Time Only

Fornite 50v50 Mode Is Back

Epic Games have re-introduced the popular limited time mode and mass battle simulator, 50V50. The news was announced on twitter with the enticing tagline ‘Two teams drop. One team wins.’ The mode is available to play right now and, surprisingly, runs in conjunction with the superb Thanos and Infinity Gauntlet additions from last week. Having two simultaneously running special modes is rather uncommon for Fornite and we hope augurs future plans.

50V50 mode pits two teams of 50 players against each other, the team that succeeds in eliminating the other wins. That’s pretty much the gist of it. Unlike the normal Battle Royale mode, 50V50 is all about mass scale skirmishes, hunting in packs, and a variety of novel tactics.

The red and blue teams access the map via their very own bus and from opposing directions. A storm circle is already present when the match starts and players have 10 minutes to loot and gather items before it starts to reduce in size. The pattern continues until the storm is tiny or a team wins. There are also supply drops every few minutes that descend into the the center of the storm to promote territory based battles.

Fornite 50v50 Mode Is Back

The V2 title is linked to certain improvements such as better loot spawn locations, and more resources for building. Additionally, there’s now a dotted battle line located between the teams. Cross is at your own peril.

The mode was last seen in December 2017 and was initially scheduled to return in April, but Epic reported issues that needed resolving before it could be released for players to enjoy again. There’s no details on how long the mode will be available so hop in while you still can.

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