Top 5 Most Useful Items In PUBG

There are tons of equipment, items, attachments available in PUBG which you can pick up and use at your own will. But you have to really make use of the 5 below in hope for getting more Top 1 – “Winner winner chicken dinner” for yourself.

1. Backpack

Backpack comes first in a list of must-have things of PUBG players. With a backpack on, you can carry many more necessary things to support yourself in the long race to survive, especially in the early stages of a match.


2. Med Kit

In a battle for survival, the key to win is to always have enough of HP. As a result, Med Kits are much needed. Among all consumables that help you recover HP, Med Kit is the most useful one as it gives you the highest amount of HP though the process of using it takes time.

3. Extended QuickDraw Magazine

An Extended QuickDraw Magazine (Magazine is often called Mag for) increases a gun’s magazine capacity while decreasing its reloading time. In gun fights, having more bullets per magazine and shorter reloading time are some sorts of game-changing aspects.


4. Compensators

This muzzle type attachment is a much favored attachment in PUBG and is often preferred picking up to suppressor and flash hider. A compensator would reduce a gun’s recoil which helps increase precision when you spray. Each weapon type has its own kind of compensator.

5. 4x & 6x Scope

Mounting a scope to a gun helps you shoot at the highest precision possible. The best scope is 15x PM II Scope for guns like SKS, Kar98k, M24 … but you can only loot it from Air Drops. As a result, more common scopes like 4x, 6x or 8x are much more sought after.

Some players even use a scope to aim and spray rather than using Red Dot Sight or Holographic Scope.

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