Animated Diablo Series Supposedly In The Works At Netflix

Here’s a piece of juicy news for all of you Diablo fans. Variety has reported that Netflix might be working on a new animated series set in the Diablo universe!

In a since deleted post, Boom! Studios founder Andrew Cosby tweeted that he could confirm that he was in the final talks to write and direct the Diablo series for Blizzard Activision and Netflix. After a little bit of digging, I was able to dig up a screenshot of the original tweet. Check it out below.

In all likelihood, either Cosby wasn’t legally allowed to reveal the information and therefore deleted the tweet, or he wanted it to appear that way in order to create more buzz around the series. According to another source, Cosby may have actually teased the possibility of working on a Diablo-universe series weeks ago. In an earlier Twitter post, he stated that if he were to write for a Diablo series, “it would DEFINITELY be Rated R.” In other words, rest assured Diablo fans, the Netflix adaptation should be a quite gory and violent – a close representation of the source material.

According to Screenrant, Blizz Planet also confirmed that the production would be animated as opposed to live-action. As with the Cosy tweet, this post was also deleted.

Giving Andrew Cosby the reins to this new series makes a lot of sense, given that he’s got some experience working with the new “Hellboy” reboot which has some similar themes and tone. Hopefully we get more news regarding this Diablo-universe production as it’s definitely one of Blizzard’s most unique worlds and would look great as an animated series.


Featured Image Source: Screenrant

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