PUBG’s New Ranked System, The Good And The Bad

PUBG update 22 features significant changes to ranked play. In case you missed it, here’s what you need to know.

A ranked system to classify players’ skill levels sounds amazing, but is it really good for the game right now? PUBG community reacted differently on hearing the news from PUBG Corporation, some really concerned about the system as there are a lot of “broken” stuff remain unfixed in the game at the moment, especially the widespread use of cheating/hacking tools.

What do players get from ranked system?

This might be something hardcore PUBG players would love to have in-game. A ranked system would help determine every player’s skill level and then improve match making system by putting players to their equivalent skill bracket.

Of course the game would reward players for the rank tier they achieved.

The downside of having a ranked system in PUBG

The mentioned ranked system is not a bad thing itself for the game, but at the current state of the game, when cheating is still a thing, bringing in a full-fledged system to boost competitive aspect of the game might not be a good idea.

On the other hand, a ranked system that also offers rewards would very likely encourage some players seek use of cheating tools. Having to play against cheaters in ranked matches is very frustrating, no matter how good you are at the game.

It’s quite cheap to rent a PUBG account so we can expect to see more annoying trolls who just want to get into the game to mess with other players.

Due to these above-mentioned concerns, PUBG Corporation’s announcement has met with mixed reactions from PUBG players. But cheaters would be punished after all and maybe some players are just overthinking. Anyway, let’s expect Update #22 of Patch 1.0 on Live Servers on early October to try out the ranked system and have your own opinions.

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