Rainbow Six Siege Guide: How To Get The Most Out Of Maverick

The all-new season of Rainbow Six Siege, Season 3 of Year 3 – Operation Grim Sky has just officially launched world wide.

In this expansion, Ubisoft introduces two new Operators, one of them is Maverick of Delta Force. He is an Attacking Operator and owns the most versatile gadget of Rainbow Six Siege at the moment named Breaching Torch, a blowtorch.

1. Maverick’s capabilities

Rainbow Six Siege Maverick of Delta Force

The blowtorch dubbed as Suri of Maverick can breach any breachable surface of the game, including the reinforced walls. But with the limited fuel provided (5 tanks, 5 seconds of usage for each tank), Suri can create holes big enough for people to crouch and get through. But it’s not what Suri really strong for as Thermite can do that a lot better. Suri should be of much more help when it comes to creating lines of sight to assist the whole team with strategy development.

The maximum distance between Suri and a surface is 2 meters, twice the range of a normal melee attack so you don’t have to be afraid of Suri being shot down by Bandit’s Shock Wires. It’s very likely that Maverick can be seen from the other side of a surface while Suri doing its job, so try not to let him stand right behind Suri. Control Suri from a different angle and at the furthest distance possible.

Rainbow Six Siege Maverick

Wooden or brick walls are breakable surfaces to Suri but the metal frames are not so you can use Suri to have a line of sight when you don’t have any Breach Charge.

Suri is as well able to destroy enemy gadgets like Deployable Shields, Barbed Wires, cameras and even Operator gadgets like Evil Eye of Maestro, Welcome Mat of Frost.

Suri can also deal very low direct damage of 5HP to anyone contacts its flame. If not for trolling purposes, you should not use Suri this way and let it go to waste.

2. What makes Maverick stand out in Rainbow Six Siege

The biggest difference between Maverick and Thermite/Hibana is how long each of their gadgets need to breach a wall and volume of the sounds they make while doing so.

Thermite needs 3 seconds to destroy a wall with its Exothermic Charge while it’s 5 seconds for Hibana, with X-KAIROS. For Maverick, Suri allows him to create a hole on breachable surfaces almost instantly when you pull the trigger. Suri also makes almost no sound. Players can take advantage of this to sneakily break into the house.

The fact that Suri requires players to operate it manually maybe a down point sometimes. As Maverick, you might want to always have a teammate nearby to quickly break into the house as soon as a big enough hole is created.

3. Maverick’s synergies

With what Maverick is capable of, Blackbeard and Glaz should be his best teammates thanks to their ability to shoot and kill through small holes.

Smoke grenades can help cover Maverick while also allow Glaz to use his thermal scoped gun to take down enemies easily. For Blackbeard, he should be able to tank some bullets and get through the wall with his shields.

Operators with specialized shields like Montagne, Blitz and Fuze can cooperate with Maverick by staying nearby and peek through the holes he created to report back to the team quickly. You might as well add Lion and his EE-ONE-D which detects enemy movement to this strategy to get the most out of it.

IQ and Twitch are able to find gadgets behind walls then destroy them with holes created by Maverick’s Suri. Holes would allow Twitch’s Shock Drone to penetrate a building if there is no entrance for drone at first/blocked by Mute.

4. Advanced Tactics

Creating holes close to the ground is a good way to destroy Bandit and Mute’s gadgets and is especially needed in some maps too, for good lines of sight.

If the hole Maverick is about to create is in front of a staircase, you can camp and peek through for some possible kills or force enemies to move out of that area. Claymore mines with laser proximity sensor are good in this case too.

Bulletproof barricades of Castle can be breached by Suri like reinforced walls with about one fuel tank being used. But just a hole to see what’s on the other side of the barricade is enough. If breaking it all down is not needed, keep the barricade and use it to cover you. As Castle, you can remove a barricade with a hole on it and install a new intact one.

Maverick is one of the few Operators that can really counter Black Mirrors of Mira. Two ways you can destroy the mirrors with Suri of Maverick:

  • Crouch (or prone) under a Black Mirror, use Suri to create a hole right under the centre point of lower edge the mirror to see the other side of the wall (something like a gas tank), shoot to destroy it and tear down the mirror. Don’t create a too big hole to avoid being attacked by enemies through it with grenades, C4.
  • A Black Mirror is fixed to a wall by using 4 screws at 4 corners, try remove them from the other side of the wall and the mirror would be destroyed.

Lastly, remember that Suri makes almost no sound, so use it to make an entrance through wooden walls where enemies can hardly know. You can very quickly create holes big enough to move through while crouching on a wooden surface with Suri.

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