VGJ.Storm Wins GESC Thailand DOTA2 Minor By Defeating Keen Gaming

The final day of GESC: Thailand DOTA2 Minor witnessed two dark horses, Keen Gaming and VGJ.Storm, surprise their respective opponents to get to the BO3 finals with one of those underdogs winning it all.

Congrats to VGJ.Storm, GESC Thailand DOTA2 Minor champions!

After finishing fourth in the Group Stage, VGJ.Storm showed their true power passing through The Final Tribe, Fnatic and lastly Keen Gaming to win the tournament, netting US $100,000 and 150 Dota Pro Circuit points.


The 2:1 win against Team Secret in the Semi-finals was just what Keen Gaming needed to prove their strength after the roster shuffle. But making it to the Semi-finals already secured an official The International 8 (TI8) slot for Team Secret so the defeat might not be much of an upset to the Europe team.

For VGJ.Storm, they had to fight the scary-looking Fnatic which had a 7-0 unbeaten record in the Group Stage. What happened, happened. Fnatic lost to VGJ.Storm (0:2) and yet again showed how unpredictable the team is.

And then in the Finals, Dota 2 fans got to see a dominant VGJ.Storm against Keen Gaming. VGJ.Storm took game 1 easily with their fast-farming cores and successful pushes. Although it was a 40-min game, the win was quite foreseeable. Keen Gaming was unable to tie the BO3 series when VGJ.Storm was so decisive and had such a good performance. VGJ.Storm quickly ended the game before it hit the 34 minute mark, a well deserved win.

VGJ.Storm is going to have another chance to prove themselves in the upcoming MDL Changsha Dota 2 Major where they will be likely to match up against the powerhouses like LGD.PSG, Mineski, Secret and lot of other strong looking teams. They are going to attend China DOTA2 Supermajor also which is taking place right before the TI8 qualifiers in June.

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