ARK Survival Evolved Guide: Breeding And Incubation [Part 2]

Incubation – the process of hatching eggs is the final and vital step for you to have baby dinosaurs in ARK Survival Evolved.

Eggs when they dropped into the world and constantly stay in a suitable temperature range.

There are many ways to regulate the temperature to hatch an egg:

  • Using Campfire or other heat sources like Standing Torch, Torch
  • Using Air Conditioner
  • Using other creatures, like  Kairuku or  Dimetrodon

ARK Survival Evolved Guide: Breeding And Incubation

 Things to know before hatching eggs

You can produce eggs by having two opposite sex creatures to mate or stealing from other players in PvP.

Each egg has two indicators in the form of two bars:

  • Yellow bar is incubation bar, reach the end of the bar and the egg hatches
  • Red bar is the egg’s health bar. Its health drops when it’s dropped into the world but not in the suitable temperature to start the hatching process

Above the yellow bar is the egg’s status. It may show Hot or Cold and you can base on the to regulate the temperature until the status reads “Incubating”.

Heat sources can be used to regulate the temperature:

Standing Torch



Industrial Cooker

If you use  Air Conditioner, a normal egg needs 6 Air Conditioner but make sure you also have more than 6 in case the weather changes. Special eggs of special species may require up to 32 Air Conditioner.

Newborn dinosaurs are not instantly assigned to any owner so you have to “Claim” them before anyone else does.

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