Fan Remakes Opening Sequence Of Metal Gear Solid In UE4

An enterprising developer has taken it upon himself to recreate the iconic opening scenes from Metal Gear Solid using Unreal Engine 4 in glorious 4K to great effect. The sequence has been injected with much needed modernization when it comes to textures and assets, which are akin to those found in any current triple A title.

Erasmus Brosdau, the video’s creator used Unreal Engine 4 to render the sequence in real-time. He picked and chose from the huge bank of assets available on the UE4 marketplace to match the original nearly frame-to-frame, or at least as faithfully as technical means permitted.

Fan Remakes Opening Sequence Of Metal Gear Solid In UE4

Bordau took creative liberties and updated much of the audio through remastering, the use of fresh sound FX, and select brand new shots to spice things up. He also went so far as to rejig the classic Konami title with the unmistakable synthesized vocal chimes and the main menu screen to match the updated feel of the effort.

The result is impeccably delivered and though it brings back a hearty dose of nostalgia for the gaming landscape of the late 1990s and arguably PlayStation 1’s best game, the video is convincing enough to momentarily fool the viewer into believing they are seeing the introductory moments of a brand new game. It is truly that good.

Fan Remakes Opening Sequence Of Metal Gear Solid In UE4

Bordau’s skill are unquestionable. The interior of the submarine, character models, and SDV details are incredibly refined hinting at a substantial amount of time and meticulous work put into creating the video.

September 3rd was the 20th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid’s release and we can’t think of a better homage to Hideo Kojima’s seminal masterpiece. Kojima is now following Bordau on Twitter, which is a sure sign of his approval. Not better props than a nod from the legend himself.

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