Mew2King Claims Grand Prize In Smash Summit 6

Smash Summit 6 is regarded as one of the best Smash tournaments in recent times, as all the contenders were not only top players but also favorites among many fans. Such a stacked tournament is rare to see in any game or sport, and winning it all is the greatest victory there is. This tournament that honor went to Mew2King.

Mew2King is a legendary smash player and used to be an extremely dominating force during 2007-2008 and once again during 2013-2014. Despite his fame and two periods of winning tournament after tournament, he hasn’t won nearly as frequently in recent times. Thus winning the Smash Summit 6 left him complete stunned and bewildered, not yet realizing the feat that he had just accomplished, winning a tournament with all of smash’s best players. After gaining the final knockout he was ready to keep playing, until the other players told him he had already won.

The tournament is an invitational tournament, and although it looks like a small scale tournament, it invites some of the most legendary and popular players in all of Smash history. The tournament is played for 3 days and has multiple brackets, similarly to any other classic fighting game tournament. Mew2King faced Swedish powerhouse “Armada” in the grand final and much like earlier during the tournament, he completely smashed him. Armada was even forced to switch his main character during the finals to be able to keep up with the firepower of Mew2King, but even that was in vein. He won the grand final with a dominating 3-1.

Despite Mew2King winning the tournament, there was another player that made a name for himself. A player going by the name ” Zain” was voted into the tournament by his fans, and got the 11th seed. He played a magnificent tournament and went all the way up to quarterfinals where he got a chance to battle “Mango”, a player that he really wanted to take on. In a breath taking 5 game series Zain managed to beat Mango and later would claim the 3rd place for himself, which marks the first time in history that a player voted in by fans would get to such a high spot as 3rd place.

Smash Summit 6 was an incredible tournament for any Smash fan. Despite the limited number of players, the talent on display was absolutely incredible, some of the best were played and new records were made and all of it was won by Mew2King. However, instead of celebrating his victory, he went right back to practicing.

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