Henry Cavill Officially Cast As Geralt In Netflix Witcher Series

Last month, IGN had the chance to speak with Henry Cavill at a “Mission Impossible – Fallout” event and through a series of questions, ended up asking him if he’d be interested in playing Geralt in the announced Netflix Witcher series. Cavill, most famous for his role as Superman in the DC movie universe, responded, “Absolutely. Yeah, that would be an amazing role.” Well Witcher fans, according to the man himself, it’s now official – Henry Cavill is Geralt.

In an Instagram post some hours ago, Cavill shared this picture revealing the news:

The executive producer of the series, Lauren S. Hissrich, confirmed the news with a Twitter post.

Now the whole internet is ablaze discussing the casting decision. While many feel Cavill is a solid choice for the role of Geralt, other fans think different actors could have been a better fit for the monster slaying Witcher.

Kotaku put together a list of reactions to the news and it’s interesting to see the great variety of emotions people have had to it.

Some fans thought his acting chops (or lack thereof) would make him a “perfect Witcher.”

And then there are those who felt his lack of “edginess” made him less suitable for the role than  actors like Viggo Mortensen or Mads Mikkelsen.

While I noted last month that my personal pick for Geralt was also Mads Mikkelsen, I’m sure Cavill will do a fine job. The fact that he’s an actual gamer and has played through the entire series means that he fully understands the massive fandom behind the popular game and thus the heavy weight the role carries.


Featured Image Source: Revenge Of The Fans

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