Blizzard Reveals Big WoW Battle For Azeroth Story Hints

When Polygon had the opportunity to sit down with World of Warcraft’s senior narrative designer Steve Danuser and lead artist Ely Cannon, they made sure to dig up any info they could on the future of some big WoW characters from the game’s long history. Here’s what they had to say about whether or not any might be making an appearance in the newly released “Battle for Azeroth.”


Wrathion is the son of Deathwing, the big bad antagonist from the Cataclysm expansion. Wrathion is the one of the only non-corrupted black dragons and has been aiding adventurers in various ways throughout the series. Back in Mists of Pandaria, he predicts the Burning Legion’s return and tries to unite the Horde and Alliance to defeat them.

When asked about his future in Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard had this to say, “When the time is right. He’s not involved in the first phase of this conflict, but his interests have always been the big picture. The concerns that he’s voiced in the past and the powers that he’s delved into, that’ll definitely be bubbling up in future content.”

With the demons defeated in Legion, it will be interesting to see what his true aims are, though it remains to be seen whether or not “future content” refers to BfA or a future expansion.


Bolvar Fordragon became the “new lich king” after Arthas was defeated back in the “Wrath of the Lich King” expansion. The bizarre logic was that there “always needed to be a lich king” in order to control the undead Scourge. To do that, Bolvar is essentially encased in ice all the way in Northrend.

When Polygon questioned Blizzard about his fate, they responded with “pass.” Their silence, in combination with the recent BfA in-game reveal of Bolvar’s daughter, Taelia, helping Jaina in a quest line, shows that the Fordragons will potentially play a huge role in this expansion.

Calia Menethil

Calia is the sister of Arthas, the previous lich king. According to Blizzard, “She definitely has a role to play. Not so much in battle, but in the story lines that unfold from it.”

Judging by what we can glean from the Bolvar situation, it could be possible that players might have to make a return to Northrend for some story dealing with the new lich king which Calia might be interested in.


Thrall essentially disappeared from the game at the beginning of Legion basically stating that all of the battles and conflicts had taken a toll on him.

Ever since Sylvanas went crazy and burned down the World Tree, many Horde players have been asking the question, “Where the heck is Thrall?” Since that divisive Warbringer video appeared, people have been hoping the old war chief would make an appearance to bring the Horde back to its more noble roots. The outcry has become so big that it’s essentially become a meme at this point.

Better Call Thrall – Sylvanas ruining your war? Morals becoming questionable and unclear? Have no fear, Call Thrall today! from wow

When asked about his whereabouts Blizzard told Polygon these three words: “Haunted by ghosts.”

Well that doesn’t reveal much.

While many fans would love to have Thrall back in the game, I’m more than content with the idea of Varok Saurfang taking up the mantle as war chief.


Featured Image Source: Den of Geek

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