PUBG ‘s Codename: Savage Becomes Sanhok

PUBG Sanhok

Via a post on the game’s Steam page, PUBG Corp announced today a fresh title for their highly anticipated new map. PUBG Sanhok is, by the developers own explanation, a rather inspired combination of the Thai for ‘fun’, and ‘chicken’ in Filipino. True to form, they just had to include a reference to that all too ubiquitous ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’.

PUBG Sanhok

Previously known as Codename: Savage, the map is loosely based on the topography and flora of the many islands scattered throughout southeast Asia. From the screenshots, expect the four square kilometer landmass to be packed with ancient temples, dense jungles, and a feel mimicking the oppressive humidity of the real world equivalent.

A Trip To Thailand

PUBG Sanhok

We first heard about the new map back in April. A selection of PUBG artists traveled to Thailand to get a real sense of the area, amassing data thanks to a process called photogrammetry. This involves taking multiple photographs of a subject, such as a tree or rock, and then turning it into a full fledged 3D model. The method ensures almost photo realistic results. PUBG are hoping to create an immersive experience that is faithful to the lay of the land and geographical uniqueness.

With the unquestionable popularity of PUBG in Asia, notably China, it makes sense for the developers to opt for such a map. Fornite’s meteoric rise also plays its part, as PUBG Corp. must be eager to offer new content and entice back some of their lost player base.

Open Testing

PUBG Sanhok has been through a couple rounds of testing, but from May 11th to May 14th anyone that owns PUBG gets the opportunity to try out the map. From what we understand, an ‘experimental server’ will show up on Steam’s library allowing players to access the map.

PUBG Sanhok

Though full release of the map isn’t scheduled for a number of months, PUBG Corp. are intent on gathering as much feedback from players as possible, hence the open test. We’ll delve into the jungles of PUBG Sanhok ourselves and be sure to report back with our impressions.

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