‘Farside: An Athletic Game’ Trailer For Yet Another Battle Royale Game

Not so long after the announcement of Farside: An Athletic Game, a new battle royale game, being in development, Perfect World Games and Dark Horse Game Studio released the official trailer of the game. From the trailer, battle royale fans can expect a fresh addition to the genre. Farside: An Athletic Game

will launch on PC and PS4 in 2018.

Official trailer of Farside: An Athletic Game

Like in other titles of battle royale genre, in Farside: An Athletic Game, every player will start off a match by jumping out of an airplane with a parachute ready. The first map is named FarSide Arena. From there, all players will have to fight for their lives in all-out battles against each other. You, as a player, can go around and loot for weapons, equipments and should too mind for the circle and safe zones while playing like how you do in other battle royale games.


Characters in Farside: An Athletic Game

That is all for now. More detailed information on Farside: An Athletic Game will be updated on EXP.GG as soon as available.

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