Top 4 Favorite Assassins In Arena Of Valor

Among all assassins in AOV there are some that Arena of Valor players seem to favor picking over the others. Let’s take a look at the top assassin picks.

1. Butterfly

She is favored by both newbies and veterans as she can snowball really hard once she gets a kill, and more kills then keep coming her way. Butterfly is simple to learn and play thanks to her easy to understand/use abilities. Timing is the last key to success you need in team fights to pick up kills. All abilities of Butterfly would be completely reset if she successfully kills off a target.

No hero can be able to kill an enemy hero as fast as Butterfly is able to in ideal situations. In low tier ranks, when players don’t have many arcanas, Butterfly can really dominate other heroes easily.

Butterfly is recommended to players with good timing skill and for rank tiers below Diamond.

2. Wukong

Wukong in Arena of Valor is a Warrior/Assassin. He looks like a real warrior at first but then he can deal burst damage to carry out an assassination mission very well so he is also regarded as an assassin. With nice timing and targeting, Wukong’s targets are in deep trouble.

His Shadow Clone ability allows him to quickly get away from a failed assassination attempt by going temporarily invisible. So you could say that Wukong is better than Butterfly at escaping. Wukong can have a lot of impact all over the map but also needs more farming in early game.

3. Murad

Murad is an assassin that can carry his team well in late game. When it’s already late game, Murad’s hits on enemy heroes would be very painful just to see. He will carry out an assassination mission by quickly moving toward his target to deal damage, then get back to the spot he marked earlier. Murad can usually carry out an assassination mission without losing so much HP or even lose no HP at all.

It is not an easy task when a marksman wants to actively keep a distance with Murad because of his very high mobility. He maybe the most mobile assassin of Arena of Valor and with two movement abilities that allow him to dodge enemies’ skill shots, Murad can single-handedly win fights for his team.

4. Nakroth

Being popular all the time, season after season, Arena of Valor gives Nakroth the title of  “The Never-Go-Outdated Assassin”. No assassin hero could stay in the scene for too long when new seasons keep coming out, appear in every rank tier, but Nakroth is an exception.

No one could doubt about Nakroth being a real assassin at this point. He is good at almost everything, not just finishing an target. Some veterans even use only Nakroth to play ranked. In order to play Nakroth well, you have to keep practicing and putting him into use. Skip playing him for just one day and you’d find that the next time you play him it already feels clumsy. He’s tough.

Like with Murad, the more you play Nakroth the better you are.

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