Fortnite Reload Animation Cancel Exploit Needs To Be Fixed


A Reddit thread appearing on the Fortnite subreddit that has been garnering a lot of attention provides an example of a player  abusing a bug allowing them to reload weapons faster than normal. The post, uploaded by Redditor CratesofWrath, shows him going toe-to-toe with an enemy player who has an RPG. The two engage in a battle on the side of a cliff building structures to try and get a better shot at each other. Eventually, his foe gets tired and starts firing rockets at a crazy speed blowing up everything in sight. In no time at all, CratesofWrath is obliterated by the non-stop firing of rockets.

Thankfully, Crates recorded the video and provided a side-by side comparison of the normal rate of fire of an RPG versus the speed at which his opponent was firing them. The difference is huge! Check out the video below of the fight. The side-by-side comparison starts at 3:03.

Epic: Please Remove this RPG Reload Exploit (Read My Comment Below)(This Post Does not Teach How to do it) from FortNiteBR

For those of you who don’t understand how it’s done, in the thread, “fruitylark” points out that by sprinting at the right moment, the end of the reload animation gets cancelled.

Several other Redditors chimed in saying that they are able to sprint-cancel the animation of several  different weapons, proving that this exploit is not only limited to the RPG.

Hopefully the massive upvotes the thread has been receiving so far is enough to get the attention of Epic Games. This doesn’t seem like an intended feature of the game and thus should be removed as soon as possible.


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