Avalanche Studios Releases ‘Generation Zero’ Gameplay Trailer

Avalanche Releases Generation Zero Gameplay Trailer

Following in the footsteps of a brief, yet intriguing trailer at E3, a new gameplay trailer for Avalanche Studios’ upcoming 1980s post-apocalyptic Swedish survival shooter, Generation Zero, has been released in the lead up to Gamescom where the game will have a playable demo.

In what is a departure from the bombastic and over-the-top feel of the Just Cause series, Generation Zero offers a darker, more subdued experience in a hazy beautiful open-world overrun by squads of hostile mechanized robots.

Avalanche Releases Generation Zero Gameplay Trailer

Borrowing heavily from the Guerilla warfare textbook, up to four players can join forces to hunt down and plunder the roaming invaders through creative use of the environment, stealth, and an arsenal of upgradable weapons. Customizable characters mean you’ll be able to sport an array of suitably gaudy 1980s apparel.

Taking down the machines is all about tactical engagement. Blow off a certain piece of armor to reveal a weak spot, or use flares to distract and confuse while flanking. Using Generation Zero’s dynamic weather and recurring day/night cycle, you can choose the optimal time to attack a robot to make the most of impaired visibility for example.

Interestingly, the robots are persistently simulated so any damage sustained will manifest itself physically if you happen across the poor sod later on in the game. They’ll also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In the trailer, we can spot drones, bipeds, and larger quadrupeds.

Avalanche Releases Generation Zero Gameplay Trailer

Generation Zero also focuses on crafting and scavenging, notably by crafting add-ons, re-purposing robot parts to improve weapons, and by picking up new gear scattered through the world. Exploration is also encouraged and will lead to story elements revealing themselves piece by piece. In that spirit, it doesn’t seem like the narrative will be forced upon the player, instead evolving in a non linear fashion.

Scheduled for a 2019 release, Generation Zero is currently being developed for the usual big three; PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Avalanche are running a closed beta this autumn, which you can sign up to here.

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