Celebi Available To Pokémon Go Players Around The World Aug. 20

Since not every Pokémon fan was able to attend Pokémon Go Fest, Niantic has announced to give all players around the world a chance to catch the legendary Jotho Pokémon; Celebi. Fans that were able to attend the Pokémon Go Fest already have the mythical creature stored in their phones will instead be able to make their Celebi stronger. The research quest kicks off on August 21st.

What the special research exactly includes is not explicitly told and something that we will probably have to find out for ourselves. However, they did say that we can expect to receive a bunch of XP, special items and that we would even encounter a certain Pokémon. If the research at the Pokémon Go Fest is anything to go by it’s going to be quite difficult and time-consuming. It included various tasks like capturing 10 Pokémon of certain types, hatching 3 eggs, catching 7 Unowns, and spinning Pokéstops. Expect to put a lot of time in the game if you’re actually interested in obtaining Celebi for yourself. It should also be noted that the Celebi research will only be available to you if you have completed the third group of challenges for researching Mew.

Along with Celebi, Niantic will add field research related to Jotho Pokémon to generate a bit more hype for the Jotho region, Celebi’s region of origin. Niantic has also released new in-game T-shirts featuring Celebi that you can obtain for free. Lastly, two new profile icons will be available that are related to Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Be sure to jump on this opportunity if you can as Celebi is arguably one of the rarest Pokémon in the game. It was used to be only available through events although some players have gotten their hands on it through other means by now. If in the future, we would be able to transfer Celebi to a Pokémon game on our Nintendo Switch, you would probably be one of the few players in the world that has obtained the mythical creature. Also just look at, it’s really cute, no reason not to get it.

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