Torchlight Frontiers Developer Diary Confirms The Game Is An MMO

Echtra studios founder Max Schaefer has finally shed some light on what we can expect from Fortnite Frontiers, the up and coming game from the studio. Although Echtra studios is not the original studio behind the Torchlight franchise, Max Schaefer has founded both studios and is the person who came up with the Torchlight games so fans have no need to be worried.

When the studio released their first trailer for Torchlight Frontiers it was definitely a bit different than what most people had expected. Most people were expecting a typical ARPG like both of the original Torchlight games, however, the trailer definitely made the game look a bit like an MMO so people were unsure what Torchlight Frontiers would actually be like.


Now Echtra Studios has released their first developer diary through which Schaefer straight-up says that the game will be an MMO. So there’s no need to speculate any further as the developers are quite transparent. Furthermore, he also explained that the combat and style that we grew to love in the first two Torchlight games will remain the same. So expect similar action RPG gameplay but set in an MMO game.


He mentions two main reasons as to why they have decided to transform the game into an MMO rather than sticking with the old format. First off, it allows the players to not only feel invested in their character but also in the world and in the community. MMO’s add a whole different dimension to games through their communities, which is something the Torchlight Frontier developers want to capture. Secondly, it allows them to keep developing the world. The first two Torchlight games introduced you to the world but now they want to make it into a living and breathing world that will constantly be updated so that players get the sense that they are really living in a fantasy world.

There is still much that we don’t know about Torchlight Frontiers so expect more to be revealed in the future. Hopefully, they will continue with developers updates like the one we got right now as it makes the information clear and the studio transparent which is something we need more of.


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