Ninja Explains Why He Refuses To Stream With Women

After an interview that was published by Polygon, Ninja has gotten himself in a bit of trouble within the Twitch community. In the article, he explains that he refuses to stream together with female streamers as he doesn’t want to stir up any unnecessary drama in his life or marriage. According to him, if he streams with female streamers and there is any hint of flirting, the clip will be put on YouTube as clickbait for all to see which could jeopardize his marriage.

Despite making a clear statement as to why he doesn’t want to stream with female streamers, a lot of people still had issues with it. Quite a few people within the community saw what Ninja does as blatant sexism even though he stated that this wasn’t the case. Luckily for Ninja, there were also a whole bunch of streamers defending him and saying that it’s not a big deal, making it a very polarizing discussion held in the Twitch community.

Ninja has now come forth with a statement on Twitter in which he further explains the point that he was trying to get across. He also says that he’s a big fan of a large variety of streamers and has even promoted some female streamers in his announcement.

Although it can certainly be understood why some people would think that the Ninja’s behavior is sexist, he has clearly explained himself in his statement on Twitter. The problem lies not with female streamers but rather with internet trolls that will take literally anything he says and turn it into clickbait videos. This is certainly something that could happen as we have seen many other streamers be targeted by internet trolls and cyberbullies.

It would be nice to see if Ninja ever streams with female streamers in the future but if he doesn’t we at least know why. Limiting the amount of drama and cyberbullying in your life is not a strange goal at all as nobody wants to actively look for negative attention. He will probably not change his stance any time soon although he did say that he was looking forward to meeting and playing with any kind of player at future Fortnite events.

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