Path Of Exile Receives Its First Infinite Dungeon On August 31

Path of Exile is probably competing for the spot as best free game on the market. The game is extremely popular among its fans and the amount of love that the developers pour in is incredible. This is on full display again with the announcement of a new expansion coming to the game.

The new expansion is called Delve and it will be the first time that Path of Exile receives an infinite dungeon. In Delve you will be exploring Azurite Mine, which is a mine that contains many treasures but has been abandoned for so long that a malicious force is present now. In order to explore the mine, you will need to stick closely to a machine called The Crawler. This machine slowly makes its way through the mine and provides a source of light, meaning that you will be safe when walking next to it.

Although the darkness is dangerous, it’s also chockfull of treasures and loot, making it very tempting to explore the dark parts of the dungeon. In order to do so, you will be given Flares that you can throw to a location in order to create a small light source. You can also use dynamite in order to blow up certain walls and explore even more. However, this comes with a few risks. First of all your Crawler won’t stop for you if you decide to explore. Second of all, the darkness itself can kill you, meaning that if you run out of flares you are definitely a goner.

In the mine, you can collect a valuable resource called Azurite. It’s essential to collect this resource as it’s the one you need to upgrade you Crawler, buy flares, and buy dynamite. However, besides Azurite there are a whole bunch of other treasures to be found as well. These are the socketable currency items. These are currency items left from an ancient civilization. Place fossils into the sockets of the items and watch them transform into powerful crafting tools.

Besides the Azurite mine, the expansion also brings along a few skill reworks and some other updates to the world of Wraeclast. If you want to find more information on everything new that is coming to the game check out the full post here. The expansion will be out on August 31.

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