Thousands Of Players In Open Beta Dauntless Queues

Dauntless is an upcoming free to play action RPG developed by Phoenix Labs. The game has you slay behemoths in slow and tactical combat, and is heavily inspired by the Monster Hunter games. The game was originally revealed last year and had been in closed beta for quite a while before it went in open beta last Friday. As expected with open betas, players will run into quite a lot of issues. However, the issues with Dauntless were so severe that a large amount of people could not even enter the game in the first place.


It is very clear that the developers of the game had not expected such an enormous amount of people to join the open beta and try out the game for the first time as quickly after the open beta was released queues formed with over 100,000 people. It has already been confirmed that over a million people signed up since the release of the open beta, and while this is great news for Phoenix Labs, a lot of players were extremely displeased by the fact that they were in the queues for hours upon hours. What’s even worse is that since the game was still in beta, crashes occurred quite frequently and those would put players all the way back into the queue.


Despite the negativity of some players regarding the state of the game, a lot of praise was also given to the developers for the way that they handled the unexpected issues. Although Phoenix Labs is a new indie studio, the team certainly doesn’t consist of rookies as it’s a mashup between old employees from studios like Blizzard, Riot, Bioware and others. They have dedicated a lot time trying to resolve the queue issues and communicated everything they did with the community. It’s certainly refreshing for a company to listen and respond to their fanbase as much as Phoenix Labs did. As of right now, they have announced that the game is queue free, although it may fill up again later.

For those that want to try out Dauntless for themselves and slay behemoths in epic battles, the game can be downloaded on the official website, although you might want to wait a little while until the game’s biggest issues are fixed.

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